The following requirements are in addition to Newburyportís Signs Ordinance.


12 square feet maximum size for first floor projected hanging, window, and wall signs. Projected

hanging, window, and wall signs are not allowed on upper floors. Door signs are allowed if no other

access to an establishment not on the street level.

The Commission will review directory signage (listings of two or more establishments), whether

attached on wall or freestanding.

. Materials include painted wood, metal, and stone. Particle board, plastic, or highly reflective metallic

signs are not allowed.

Downlit signs with shielded bulbs to prevent light scatter. Internally lit signs are not permitted.

. All signage and brackets must be attached through the mortar and not the bricks or granite. Any

adhesive used must be preservation quality.



Residential signs allowed under current zoning regulations will be allowed.


The Commission ought to review new installation of awnings on a case-by-case basis.