Entrances and Doors


Repair, not replace, original and later historic doors and door openings, including transoms and



If replacement is necessary, choose replacement doors with a panel configuration, molding profile and

materials appropriate to the style of the original building. The Commission will aid in determining the

appropriate style. If part of the replacement door is glazed or has a window insert, choose one with true

divided lights or simulated divided lights.

Replacement doors will not incorporate leaded or stained glass except when replicating a feature

original to the building.

The Commission will review proposed new door opening(s) in the building façade to ensure new

openings are be consistent with the historically accurate arrangement of doors.




To improve energy efficiency, applicants may wish to install storm doors.  The Historical Commission

recommends that the style contain the maximum amount of glazing so the main door is visible.

Weatherstripping and interior door sweeps also improve energy efficiency.